Passion for greatness

You wish to be great
But do you have the passion?
Passion is needed to succeed

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Blogger Networking

Hiiiii guys,

This is a blog network post where bloggers can leave links to their blogs and it will allow other bloggers to find them and great collaborations might be born. who knows 😉

I’ll be doing this as soon as I see the turnout of people involved but for the main time, i’ll be doing it once a month so look out for it. I’ll like to know your suggestions on how often you would like me to do it. So feel free to leave your links below.




No matter the label thrown in your face, only you can define yourself”- Unknown

We all label and we all get labelled that is normal human behaviour but the most important thing is if you accept the label and let it be fulfilled and in this case I’m talking about negative labels.

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Get to know me Tag


A queen

A star

God used Esther to save his people

A young girl filled with big aspirations

A source of motivation for lots of people
My name is Esther

I’m Nigerian- a Yoruba girl Precisely

I live in England, United Kingdom

I was born on the 24th of November

I’m a blogger (durh) and YouTuber

My dream is to become an author

I’m a natural haired girl

I prefer winter (weird I know) because there are no bugs and no disgusting sweats

I love helping people and motivating them

I hope you enjoyed a little bit about me. If you have any questions, kindly leave it in the comments below.