The blogger recognition award- 100 post

I’m indebted to Dupe because she nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and this also makes my 100th post on word press so i’m very happy.

Here are the RULES;

  1. You have to thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog;
  2. You have to write a post to show your award;
  3. Give a brief story of how you started your blog;
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers;
  5. Select 15 bloggers you want to give this award to; and
  6. Comment on the blogs of these 15 bloggers and let them know that you have nominated them, providing a link to the post you created.


Everything all started sometimes in October 2015. I had been seeing different blogs since forever but I just wasn’t interested because I thought it was hard work. At a point before I started this WordPress blog, I created a blogger account but I didn’t really know what to blog about because I was determined to stand out from other bloggers so I just ignored the account and I also didn’t find it easy to use the domain.

Then this particular day came and I came across one of my friend’s link to her blog on her instagram bio; I clicked on it and read the post. after reading, I saw a tab that said create a FREE account(that really grabbed my attention because in fairness who doesn’t like free things;))

In my mind I was till on a 50/50 mentality because I wasn’t sure if it would work out. I created it, when it was time to choose a name, all the ideas I had were taken and in my mind I was really questioning my uniqueness but I still didn’t give up. I just put in the final one which was THOUGHTS9367 and it worked and in my mind I was like so I’m unique after all. And that’s how this blog started.


  • would advise you to stay focused and consistent
  • also, always engage with your readers.


Tips for new bloggers:


My nominees

  1. Jess
  2. Amaka
  3. Cassandra
  4. Ceriel
  5. Oreoluwa
  6. Simran
  7. Georgia
  8. Elle
  9. Kenny
  10. Spritual Journey



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