Ambitious but Disabled

Who is this?
Sitting alone with mocking faces around her

She looks calm, beautiful and whole

But she has a disability, a less obvious disability

She hopes to become someone great

But she can’t due to her disability

She believes in herself but her family and friend discourage her

Because of her disability

She has great communication skills

But her disability won’t let her show it

Her disability made her lose so many opportunities

They mock her whenever she attempts to talk

She cries every night in her closet

But it’s not her fault she has a disability

She’s always ready to express herself

But she can’t due to her disability

She gets laughed at whenever she tries to talk

Her family laughs at her

She goes to bed hurt

And every morning, she keeps hoping a miracle will happen

A miracle that will take away her disability forever

So she can mingle again

So she can stand up for herself

So she can follow her dreams

She has great intellect and confidence

But she can’t show it through her words

Every night she feels rejected and dejected

She feels no one cares about her

She feels lonely and frustrated

She feels as if the world should end

So all her hurt will be over

All her friends make jest of her

Such a pity I can’t help!!!
m a girl who isn’t accepted in the society

I am a girl that can’t express myself

If I try to, I end up getting frustrated

I like protecting people but I can’t even stand up for myself due to my disability

I go to bed hurt every night

I get laughed at all the time

I feel helpless and hopeless

I feel rejected

I feel lonely

I feel like a failure

I feel like I have no one to rely on

All I need is a good and true friend

Someone that will love and care for me without condition

Someone that will patiently listen to me despite my disability

Someone that will help me overcome my fears

Someone that will make me happy always

Someone that will motivate me to achieve all my goals

Someone that will sought for solution with me

Someone that will understand that I’m not perfect

Someone that will stand up for me no matter what

Someone that will protect me

Someone that will always be there for me

One day I believe I’ll be whole

I believe that I’ll be free to express myself

I believe that I will be understood

I believe I will be able to make true friends

I believe I will be able to protect others

I believe I will be able to show my confidence

Even though others mock me

I believe I can achieve my goals

I believe I can overcome my disability

I believe there’s nothing I can’t achieve

I believe in myself

I am determined and

I will never give up

Thank you so much for reading


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