Money or Love?

This competition between money and love cannot end because both are equally important. Money is used to maintain love but love is the basis of all. we all have our preferences; some of us cant date someone who isn’t financially bogus and some dint mind as long as they love them wholeheartedly.

The main problem is that we are carried away by material things that we don’t value feelings anymore. Money is great! don’t get me wrong but don’t let that affect the way you love and care for your significant other. nothing lasts forever; someone that isn’t financially stable today might be controlling millions tomorrow. Both love and money go hand in hand but love is supreme.

Let me know your thoughts.. Love or money??


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3 thoughts on “Money or Love?

  1. One of my friends once asked me , ” I you had to choose between finding the love of your life and getting $10 million dollars , which would you choose”? I’ve always put such an emphasis on love and being the hopeless romantic I am, I said find my true love without hesitating. I asked him and he said money. I thought to myself, oh great another money hungry guy, so typical. But you know what he said ? ” I’d choose the $10 million dollars to create a better life for the people I already love ; my mom, my family , my friends”. Made me rethink every thing I’ve ever thought. I think his response encompasses exactly what you’re saying: how love and money can go hand in hand if you let it. Great post !

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    1. I totally support what the person said but you should also think about it this way, if you choose love, money will still come in it’s due time. The truth is money can’t buy true love but money can maintain it. Thank you so much for taking your time to read and leave a thoughtful comment

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