How to get over an ex

I know this is the season of love but the truth is that some people would still get their hearts broken so this post is for the(tried and proved😜). If you need an advise about any issue, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

✍🏽Write down all your feelings on a paper and after writing it, tear the paper into pieces. You will feel a lot better and free.

✍🏽Discard everything that reminds you about them. Throwing away everything they gave you will reduce  the chances of you remembering them at random times

✍🏽Realise that getting over someone doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is the key to get over someone. You don’t expect to get over someone the moment they break up with you. It takes time so be patient.

✍🏽Avoid any pictures, places,food, music or movies that would bring back old memories about them.

✍🏽Surround yourself with people. Always be around be around and never be alone if not, you will overthink things which would just make it more difficult

✍🏽Motivate yourself. Check out motivational quotes for getting over someone. Read it out loud to yourself and make it your motto.

✍🏽Realise that it’s completely natural to feel sad and depressed so give yourself time to be sober. Cry, scream and shout if you need to.

✍🏽Inform people that know your about your relationship that you’ve broken up and trust me, they will try everything possible to help you get over him/her.

✍🏽Delete all their contacts on snapchat, Facebook,Instagram etc. It will help you get over them quicker than expected.

✍🏽Lastly, whenever you come across each other, don’t look all sad and miserable. Be happy, smile and always dress well.

✍🏽Use the period of your “singleness” to work on yourself, make yourself a better person for yourself and your future.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it has helped you. If you know anyone having a hard time getting over their ex, be nice and share this post with them.



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13 thoughts on “How to get over an ex

  1. very nice post. However, I disagree with some points. No one will help you to get rid of the pain. In fact they will increase the pain, if they your relationship. And if they dont know and you are telling first time, you will fill like taking with stone or wall. So dont tell in my opinion. Your point is correct to surround with people and work on yourself but you can not surround with the same circle or people who know her/him. Also you can not work on yourself because you feel every time to cry to think about her/him. Only one thing can help, leave the area, leave the job, leave the place and go to some unknown place. Work there, make yourself recognizable and lead the life. Nothing can bring the peace if you are in the same place. Discarding the photo and material will make you more feeling for her/him as I can not forget her even after 12 years even if I did all those what you have mentioned.

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    1. I totally agree with you but this is just my opinion and it’s obvious your opinion is very different from mine that’s what makes us individuals.. Thanks for sharing your opinion with me

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      1. I am sorry, but my intention was just to tell my different view on some points and not to nullify your view. In fact, I agree with your most of points and I enjoyed reading. Believe me this is my first comment on any one blog even if I read lot. I appreciate this as we need more such post to motivate people, to show them road which I did not find in my time. My time there was no one like you for showing the path. That was my point for respect for you and your post.

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        1. That comment means a lot to me and I really appreciate it… My main aim is to motivate people and you’ve proved that it’s working. Once again thank you so much. Don’t forget to check my recent post about self worth

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