How to lose weight

Happy new year!!!!!!!!! majority of us will still write 2016 as the date for about 2 weeks.

I know losing weight will be the number one goals to achieve in 2017 for some people so I’m here to help you tick that off your goals list in a few months. Let me know you would like me to create a workout or diet plan by emailing me at

  • Exercise: this is the most cliché thing ever but don’t just exercise, exercise the right way to avoid injury.
  • Eat healthy: This is very very cliché but it is really effective.
  • Drink lots of water: water helps to flush out every toxins in the body. it wont only help you lose weight, it will also keep those nasty pimples off your face.
  • Ditch fizzy drinks because it contains a high amount of sugar and we don’t want that.
  • Sleep well every night.
  • Eat whole food instead of processed food because theyre much more healthier and they fill you up more so you eat less.
  • Eat foods that would boost your metabolism to help your food digest quicker.
  • Finally, be patient and learn to love yourself the way you are because there are people trying to be like you.


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