Hard work

The impact of hard work in our life cannot be swept under the rug because no matter how much luck or brilliant you are, you still need to work hard to be successful.

Hard work sounds really cliché because we all believe we are hardworking and up doing in our own little ways but the main question is that can hard work be too much? obviously hard work can be too little and we often label them as “lazy” but are they really lazy or they’re putting their time and effort into something else we don’t know about? The real lazy people are those that sit around doing nothing to better themselves and their future.



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19 thoughts on “Hard work

  1. I especially like the line about a person not necessarily being lazy but putting their efforts into something we may not see them doing. Great read!

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  2. Honestly, all it does take is hard work to make an impact in this world.

    I have never thought of the fact regarding whether hard work can be too much? I think this is because hard work generally has such a positive connotation to it that you would never think it could also be a negative thing.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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