How to be organized📅📆

We are all guilty of being disorganized so here are few tips on how to be organized and neat.

Organise your space
Make sure you have a very clear space of work because if you work in a very cluttered area, you won’t be able to focus on what you are doing.

Get rid of unwanted things
Majority of the unorganization (if that’s even a word) comes from unwanted things because we won’t know where to keep them so we just end up putting them all over the place hereby causing everything to look disorganized.

Put things back
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Whenever you take something, put it back where you took it from. Simple!

Make to-do lists
To-do lists helps you to know what you still have left to do and it kinda motivates you to quickly do them.

Write things down
Writing things down helps me to really organise and clear my head and I can easily go to it whenever I need it.

Don’t procrastinate
Nobody is innocent Me myself, im guilty of this. We all tend to say I’ll do it later and eventually we don’t get it done.

Know where to discard things
Don’t just discard things carelessly, discard them properly

Try not to own too much of a thing
Too much of a particular thing makes it really difficult to care for and to organise

Use a planner
A planner keeps you organised by letting you know what you’re doing for the week.

Share your tips on how you stay organized in the comments below and let others learn from you.

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20 thoughts on “How to be organized📅📆

  1. “Put things back” – I have an inability to put things back. That is why my room is a mess. My desktop is a mess of icons… haha… Your posts are interesting Esther. 🙂


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