Never give up💪👍

Never give up, never say you cant , never say never.
Always attempt to do things and if you fail, don’t be bothered because FAIL is is an acronym for First Attempt In Learning.
If you fail, get up and try again instead of giving up.  Kathy Witten said “your dreams doesn’t have an expiry date. Take a deep breath and try again”. Never give up, never underestimate yourself.
Everyone has bad days, pick yourself up and keep going.
Have a nice day.

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10 thoughts on “Never give up💪👍

  1. I am an ultra runner and I see this so much people giving up before they find out how much they can really accomplish. Which is a shame! Some call it crazy and I call it finding out what your really made of. Mentally and physically.

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  2. Excellent advice, it is important never to give up.. I was brought up with the motto of there is no such word as ‘Can’t’.. Trying the best we know how always got me through.. 🙂

    Lovely to meet you and thank you so much for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary . ❤

    Blessings Sue

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