Favourite blogs of the month

Here are a few of my favourite blogs of the month. i would really appreciate if you can check them out and support them.

  • Akinlolu: He posts about fashion for men. ladies can get inspired on how to style their man or any male person in their life and He is really amazing in what he does.


  • Bursh: I just recently came across his blog and I would say I’m really impressed. he posts about motivational topics and I’m very sure after reading quite a few of his posts, you would be motivated to get out there and do it.


  • Persia: I’ve been a huge supporter of diary of a mad black woman since the onset of my blog and I’m just happy to see the blog grow. She posts about her children, life experiences and motivational quotes.


  • Favour: I’m a huge lover of Ankara(African print) and she posts about them so why won’t i love her blog. also, she posts general fashion and how to pair items and i would say i have learnt quite a few things from her which has improved my fashion sense.


  • Ipeniwrite: This girl is the funniest girl I know. Her blog is inspirational and it showcases her gentle side but her youtube shows otherwise. she does challenges, tags and other funny things.


  • Thought catalog: This blog is an online magazine that posts about relationship advices, book reviews, poems etc. They also accept post submissions if you would like to publish your post on their blog. The thing I love about their blog is that there’s nothing I’m looking for be it advice or motivational things that I wont find on their blog.


Thank you so much for reading. see you in another post.

















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