Thankful Friday

Happy new month guys… Christmas is finally here.

I know thankful Thursday is very cliche that’s why I decided to make mine thankful Friday and moreover when can’t you be grateful for the things you have.

I’m thankful for having life in me, I’m thankful for good health, sound mind and happy soul.

I’m thankful for that air I breath, the water I drink, food I eat, having a house to live in, being comfortable, having proper education.

I’m thankful for being able to love and be loved by others, safe trip everywhere I go, family and friends that support me.

I’m thankful for having this blog and also over 500 followers. I wish I could express my sincere gratitude to every single one of my readers.

You might be thinking you have no reason to be thankful because you’re not where you expect to be but the fact that you are alive is enough to be thankful for.



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10 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. Some people see me as a social worker, I am not, but I do see people who are less fortunate than me. So, I know this is late, but I would like to share what I am thankful for.

    I am thankful that I have a place over my roof, warm water, clean bathroom and my own bed. (I work with people who are homeless and they do help me put things in perspective)

    I am thankful for my parents, sister and family members who are around and support me. (Some of my clients expressed remorse and things they regret they did when their parents were still alive)

    Sometimes the basic necessaries is the our fundamental support to provide us stability and personal growth.

    Thanks for the like on my blog page! I really appreciate it.



    1. I’m really happy you took your time to comment…. some people won’t be grateful for certain things until they see someone that’s in a worse situation than they are that’s when they would really appreciate what they have. Thank you once again


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