Storytime: How I started blogging 

Meaning of thoughts9367
Everything all started sometimes in October 2015. I had been seeing different blogs since forever but I just wasn’t interested because I thought it was hard work. At a point before I started this WordPress blog, I created a blogger account but I didn’t really know what to blog about because I was determined to stand out from other bloggers so I just ignored the account and I also didn’t find it easy to use the domain.

Then this particular day came and I came across one of my friend’s link to her blog on her instagram bio; I clicked on it and read the post. after reading, I saw a tab that said create a FREE account(that really grabbed my attention because in fairness who doesn’t like free things;))

In my mind I was till on a 50/50 mentality because I wasn’t sure if it would work out. I created it, when it was time to choose a name, all the ideas I had were taken and in my mind I was really questioning my uniqueness but I still didn’t give up. I just put in the final one which was THOUGHTS9367 and it worked and in my mind I was like so I’m unique after all. And that’s how this blog started 


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