How to find your purpose 

Purpose is totally different from passion. Purpose is what you do to benefit other people and the world as a whole. Purpose is much deeper than making money.

  • Pray about it. Trust me when I say there’s nothing prayer can’t solve. We’ve all been created by God therefore if we pray he’s always ready to listen and lead us on the right path to finding our purpose.
  • Your passion might lead you to your purpose so don’t just say because your purpose is more important than your passion, you should totally ignore your passion. NO! It doesn’t work like that. You have to use one to find the other.
  • Listen to your heart. The best tool to use to find your purpose is your heart. Your heart carries a lot of power. Ask yourself questions like; what do I love doing? What gives me the ultimate joy??  By doing what you love, you might find your purpose.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore. Many of us do just a particular thing all the time. This is a world where we are all gifted and talented in one way or the other therefore you should go it and try other things. Don’t limit yourself.
  • Take small steps until you finally reach or achieve your main goal. We all underestimate the power of small steps because we think they’re just a waste of time but trust me when I say they make a significant difference. We may not notice immediately but they pay off quite well in the long run.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to others about it. There are loads to people who have gone through this same phase as you and they’re successful and happy because they’ve found thier purpose. Use the internet to help you interact with them, ask them questions and apply the tips to your own life.

Formula for a purposeful life

PASSION + DAILY ACTION= purposeful life


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