How to be a real and true friend 

We all wish we have real and true friends but are we real and true to the friends we currently have? Here are few tips on how to be a real and true friend

  • Listen: if you listen to your friend, he/she will feel valued and that will definitely strengthen your friendship. 
  • Communicate: communication helps you understand each other better and it also helps you to know what ways you can help to support them. 
  • Make them feel special: we all want to feel special every now and then and it doesn’t hurt to show someone how special they are to you by always going an extra mile when they ask for help. This will help them feel loved. 
  • Don’t bring up subjects they dislike: How would you feel if someone is constantly bringing up topics that makes you sad or that builds up anger in you?? I’m very sure you would want to spend less time with the pertains if possible avoid the person at all cost. We should treat our friends respectfully.
  • Be dependable: “lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on”. Show your friends they can trust you. 
  • Learn to apologise: saying sorry doesn’t mean you’re a weaker person, it Infact means you’re very strong because you apologised you’re either at fault or you just want to save the friendship.
  • Show small gestures: Small gestures can carry a very big message and mean a lot to the person so show small gestures. 
  • Always be happy for them: when they can share thier source of happiness with you and you can be sincerely happy for them, they will be reassured that the friendship is strong and real. 
  • Support them in whatever they choose to do: In this life, all we need is support from at least a person and then we can achieve what we want.
  • Always keep in touch: there’s no point in having a friend that you don’t keep in touch with.. That’s just a pointless friendship.

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