Growth mindset 

A plants grows and bears fruits therefore we consider this tree or plant as fruitful or successful in this case. 

We all have different mindsets but they are all under either a growth or fixed mindset.

Firstly, people with the fixed mindset are people with the ‘I give up’ attitude. People with a fixed mindset make little or no progress because they tend to be unsuccessful in whatever they do because they are always pessimistic about the situations around them which in turn causes them to be stagnant in life. 

On the other hand, we have people with the growth mindset. This is the mindset I want my readers to have because this type of mindset always lead to success. People with a growth mindset have thoughts like “I will keep trying”, “failure won’t stop me”, “I can do this”. They don’t believe in failure and they will never stop trying. 

I want is all to embrace a growth mindset so that we can be successful in everything we do. Also, we shouldn’t give up and should always remember that FAIL means First Attempt In Learning and that growth mindset leads to success.

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4 thoughts on “Growth mindset 

  1. As an educator, I reference Dweck’s work with my staff often. While I believe most people have a “mixed” mindset (a combo of fixed and growth), cultivating a growth mindset in myself and in others is my daily challenge. Nice piece!

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