Pet peeves 2

Happy Friday readers, this is the continuation of my first pet peeves post. I hope you can relate.

  • Smelly socks
  • Weak internet connection 
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Too silent places 
  • When my phone battery dies while in public (now I’ll just awkwardly stare into space)
  • No wifi 
  • Not taking earphones when going out
  • Rude people 
  • Chargers that don’t work 
  • Being hungry 
  • Being late to classes ( now you have to take the awkward walk to your seat)
  • Not covering your mouth when you cough
  • Talking to me after eating crisps (sort your breath out first then talk to me)
  • When a group of people take up the whole walk way( like do you really have to start a conversation at the middle of the walkway and obstruct every one else?)
  • People who abbreviate unnecessarily ( I instead of hi)
  • People who use the dog snapchat filter too much
  • Finding a sock and not finding the other one (OMG!)
  • People who don’t lift their legs as they walk and it makes this annoying scuff sound.

Thank you for reading another of my post. I would love to know what your pet peeves are. 

Have a great Friday.


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    3 thoughts on “Pet peeves 2

    1. Hi Esther:

      Service people who are inefficient
      Anyone that doesn’t plan ahead for scheduled events
      Catz that pee on my bath towels
      Traffic Lights that don’t work
      People who try to change my mind…about anything
      Friends that keep talking on the subjects that I’ve said I don’t want discuss
      “HE” who will not obey….or even listen


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