How to be successful

We all have different definitions for success. I would define success as a feeling of achievement of either a long or short time goal. For some, success can be as little as doing well in a test or it can be as big as getting a dream job. we all wish to be successful but are we ready or determined enough to be successful?
Here are few ways on how to be successful

                        • Set good habits: good habits can take you places and the best things about habits is that once you’re used to it, you’re used to it forever. Setting good habits can make you a success.
                        • Focus your energy in the right places: focusing your energy in the right places would help you prioritise important things and it would also help you do them.
                        • Create short-term goals regularly: this would motivate you to achieve them quickly hereby stopping you from procrastinating and you can celebrate each time you achieve your short term goals.
                        • Self-improvement: a successful person must be willing to improve in everything they do in order to get better and eventually become a success. 
                        • Health is wealth: if you want to be successful, you need to take care of yourself. Eat well and be hydrated so your body can function properly.
                        • Have a growth mindset: a person with a growth mindset wouldn’t give up. They would always be positive about life and they would always be willing to learn no matter the circumstances.
                        • Planning is key: people who plan tend to be successful because they already know what they want to do and achieve therefore they would tailor their time and energy into bringing them closer to their goal.
                        • Read a motivational book daily: motivational books would inspire you to become a better version of yourself which will then lead to you eventually becoming successful. 
                        • Learn to listen more and talk less: learn to listen and learn from other people’s experiences. That might even lead you to become successful. 
                        • Do not give up: successful people don’t quit. Just because you aren’t successful yet doesn’t mean you won’t be successful ever. Persistence is key
                        • Find a role model: Role models would inspire you to be better and you would also want to be like them therefore you would become motivated to be successful 
                        • Face your fear: to be successful you need to face anything that comes your way and have a positive attitude that you will overcome it no matter what.

                          Thank you very much for reading my post once again. I would like to know what your own definition of success is and when do you think a person is successful so comment down below and let me know.


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                          25 thoughts on “How to be successful

                          1. People do have different definitions of success. One individual might think success is getting rich and being healthy. Another individual might think success is having family and just having a job. It might take different ways to achieve an individual’s own definition of success. But these can sure help!

                            I would say my definition is accomplishing my goals, being happy in life, having family and friends, and giving back and helping people.

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                          2. Very inspiring article. I will incorporate some of these ideas into my own life.

                            If you are interested in some self improvement articles check out my website at It would help me out tremendously and I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you!

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                          3. In many ways success is not the end goal, rather, it consists of the knowledge learned, skills obtained, and experiences had in the process of reaching toward a long-term goal. You have put together an excellent list of methods to incorporate into our lives in order to reach success. Have a wonderful and successful day!

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                          4. Success to me is family and friends, making a difference in someone’s life, being happy and positive generally, and a sense of growth. Success like Life, I’m more interested in the process not the end goal as much.

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