How to be an effective blogger

I am not a blog expert but here are few tips on how to be an effective blogger. (Important info below)

📚Use attractive titles
For example instead of how to make money put surefire ways to make money.

📚Personalize your content
Personalised contents are always unique

📚Engage your readers
Encourage your readers to leave comments about what they think about your posts and you can use their feedbacks to make your posts better.

📚Plan your posts ahead
Planning your posts ahead gives you more time to constructively think about what you want to post instead of just rushing it and getting a shabby post.

📚Spice up your posts
Add some humor into it, don’t just let your posts be about a books alone for example. Come up with little things that you can add to make your readers smile.

📚Reply to comments
Encourage your readers by replying to their comments appreciatively and trust me they will come back for more.

📚Remember to check out other people’s blogs
Explore what other people are blogging about and try to do something related to it also.

📚Have a purpose for your blog
A blog without purpose is a useless blog -Esther. Try to find the reason why you’re blogging and it will really motivate you.

📚Look out for new ideas
Be searching constantly for new ideas and also how you can improve your blog. Don’t just keep doing the old stuffs, explore and find out new and exciting things to blog about

📚Have a break
Don’t be too overwhelmed with blogging. Give yourself time to refresh your brain.

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