My pet peeves

Here are some things people do that freaks me out.

😒 when an app takes too long to load (so annoying)
😒when my package isn’t delivered at the specified date( why did you give me the date then when you know it won’t get delivered)
😒someone that breathes loud
😒someone who chews gum loudly( must you even chew gum)
😒too much make up( don’t try to cover up or change how God created you)
😒people who try start a conversation when I have headphones on
😒 Haters who acts nice to your face( pretenders)
😒 Rude people
😒someone who uses ‘literally’ in every sentence without even knowing the meaning
😒people who still argue even after knowing they’re wrong ( just accept your mistake)
😒 someone who doesn’t know the lyrics to a song but they still sing anyway.

Leave a comment telling me your pet peeves. Have a really good Friday.

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21 thoughts on “My pet peeves

  1. Yep, pretty much all of these. Along with the conversation while wearing headphones one – people who tart conversations while they can see you’re busy. As if they expect you to drop everything just to listen to them. Especially hen it’s something unimportant. Ooh, I feel all irritated now.

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  2. Haha I sing all the time! Regardless if I know the words or not… Uh Oh! Haha Pet Peeves are fascinating! It really bothers me when people repeat themselves… like when they go on and on about the same story or event over and over… I heard you the first time, please just stop haha

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