My top 10 favourite shows

I have decided that every Friday I’m gonna post random stuffs cause its the end of the week so we need something to read while chilling.

Here are my favourite top 10 shows

💜 Bake off
💜How I met your mother
💜 True jackson
💜 Big bang theory
💜 Dr Who
💜 Holly oaks
💜East enders
💜 The Jeremy Kyle show
💜 Spy
💜 Blue Peter

Leave a comment telling me what you want me to post next week and also your favorite shows.

Have a nice weekend.

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14 thoughts on “My top 10 favourite shows

  1. The Walking Dead tops my list. I’m on 2nd season of House of Cards (got on the band wagon rather late) but it’s a great show. About to add Narcos to my list. Currently watching The Last Ship, Gotham, Bates Motel. You should definitely add The Killing to you list!!!


  2. I love HIMYM. I’ve still got the final season on my phone. Watch it over and over again.
    I also like Scandal, Blacklist, TVD, The Originals, Suits, GoT of course. I may try How To Get Away With Murder at the end of this semester.


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