Nigeria 2 🆖🌍

Who is going to solve all these problems?
The true citizens of Nigeria has the power to give Nigeria a change because they have the power to vote for those that will govern them. Nigerians should not allow the politicians to bribe them and take away their peace they should vote for the person that will give them what he promised.
To solve the literacy problem, The government should invest more money in educating the children of Nigeria (future of the country) and they should also build more schools and enough facilities. To eradicate unemployment, the Government should build more factories to process raw materials. They should also encourage people to be self employed. To protect the life and properties of it’s citizens, the police and other agencies should be enforced.
Nigeria is a country with bright hopes for the future, let’s work together and make it great.
I’m happy to be a Nigerian because I know Nigeria will become a better place in the nearest future.




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