Nigeria 1🆖🌍

Nigeria is a great and blessed country that is faced with difficulties. She has many raw materials but there is not enough labour and yet people under her are living in abject poverty because those that govern her are corrupt, all they care about is how to embezzle her money. The most disappointing matter is that the rate of literacy in the country is very low and that is because her governors are not investing enough money in the educational sector. And those that needs education the most are the children because they are the future. The security in the country is not reliable and its all because of the government— its the people  that are providing security for themselves which is not meant to be so because the government has the role of protecting the lives and properties of its citizens when all the leaders care about is themselves, they won’t have time to critically examine the country they are ruling over.
The health sector is nothing to write home about because the mortality rate is increasing every minute which is quite saddening. Employment in the country is nothing to rejoice over because youths struggle to get educated and after the whole struggle, there are no good jobs available that’s why the rate of violence and crime is increasing rapidly. Despite all this I’m still happy to be a Nigerian because I know Nigeria will become a better place in the nearest future

Who is going to solve these problems?
Wait for part 2




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2 thoughts on “Nigeria 1🆖🌍

  1. I commend your reasoning to showing people who might not really have the actual understanding of what problem Nigeria is facing … I think you shouuld also enlighten people on what the solution is.. Then who knows what would happen … keep up the good work… more power to your elbows.

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